insurance process

Executive Exteriors has a specialized department to combat the insurance companies when the deny coverage to the policyholder. This does happened and its not always the insurance companies fault but a lack of thoroughness from the field adjuster this is why Executive Exteriors inspectors complete an inspection and take our own photos during the claims process. Without justification and proof the insurance company cannot properly compensate for the project. This is why Executive Exteriors has a specialized department just for this to ensure you the property owner get a complete project and no short cuts are allowed.

Insurance Terms

“ACV" Check = Actual Cash Value: this term means a depreciated amount of what your roof is worth right now at this current time
“RCV" Check = Replacement Cost Value: This term is the depreciation that the insurance company withholds until your project is completed and invoiced in.
Insurance loss scope : This is the estimate of damages done to your property
Supplement : When the insurance adjuster misses certain components of the project or there was unseen damages not accounted for in the Insurance estimate Executive Exteriors will put in a request for payment of these additional items not originally allotted for this is called a supplement.

Filing a claim

  • Set up a complimentary 30 point damage inspection with Executive Exteriors to see if you need to file a claim.
  • A trained Executive Exteriors inspector will come out and perform this 30 point inspection an document all damages related to the storm and assess the extent of these damages.
  • If you have enough damage and qualify, The Executive Exteriors Inspector will walk you through the process and how it works and will help file the claim, this takes about 10 minutes. Your insurance company will ask when the storm damaged your home, do you have any current leaks, what got damaged, how many stories is your house, is there access to the backyard, is the roof steep. The Executive Exteriors rep will give you the answers to all of these questions and will sit right with you as you call in to help assist.
  • The Insurance company will assign a claims adjuster to your claim and provide you with a claim #, this number is imperative.
  • The claims adjuster assigned will contact you within the next 3-7 business days to set up inspection.
  • When the claims adjuster calls to set up inspection, call your Executive Exteriors rep to inform him/her on date and time so they can schedule to be present.
  • Once scheduled the claims adjuster will meet with you and your Executive Exteriors rep to go over damages found initially by the Executive Exteriors rep.
  • When finished the claims adjuster will determine if there is coverage to replace anything damaged, with Executive Exteriors track record 99.8% of the time you are covered.
  • Once determined the claims adjuster will write up the estimate to repair damages with and release the ACV check to get work started. As soon as the estimate is received forward this over to your Executive Exteriors rep to review to ensure all damages were covered as sometimes adjusters make mistakes and leave off important components to complete job.
  • When Executive Exteriors receives the estimate and approves it you will now be moving into construction phase.